Sulmona Sanità Palace

The Palace, according to the local historians De Matteis and Di Pietro, was once a residence of the Aragon family.

It went through several transformations in the course of time, due to both fortuitous events and natural disasters.


What remains of the ancient structure nowadays is a durazzesque-type portal with a segmental arch and two mullioned windows, one of which was cut and transformed into a balcony exit.

Inside there is an arcaded courtyard composed by four arcades, starting up in the rectangular yard and standing against the facade wall. Through here it is possible to access the first floor.

Along the staircase one could find a 15th century fresco depicting the Madonna with Child, standing on her knees, with Saints on both sides.

In the first room, located above the entrance door, there is a second fresco depicting, as well, the Virgin and Child with worshippers. The fresco is attributed to that Magister Andreas pictor de Lictio who performed the frescoes in the Cathedral of Atri[1], and considered to be dated around 1450.


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