Holy Week of Sulmona among 10 most beautiful processions of Italy


Holy Week of Sulmona has been listed among the first 10 most beautiful processions in Italy by SkyScanner – the most used site for flight searches in Italy.

According to one of the portal’s representatives, they experienced certain difficulties while compiling such a classification because, together with Sulmona, it includes other remarkable cities, such as
1. Enna (Sicily)
2. Sora (Lazio)
3. Savona (Liguria)
4. San Severo (Apulia)
5. Procida (Campania)
6. Barile (Basilicata)
7. Radicofani (Tuscany)
8. Sulmona (Abruzzo)
9. Sassari (Sardinia)
10. Urbania (Marche)

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